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Access Control

Many businesses think that access control is an unnecessary expense and overly complicated but in reality it is very much the opposite! Access control allows employees easier access to secure areas while providing a complete audit trail to protect both physical and informational loss. Gain access to intrusion system integration, video/CCTV integration, and instant reporting. HAX Enterprises utilizes Kantech EntraPass hardware and software solutions for retrofits and new building installs. The EntraPass system has complete integration with DSC PowerSeries intrusion systems, and exacqVision DVRs allowing instant access to intrusion events and video recordings of employee access or in the event of a break-in. If your business has many visitors you can simplify issuing security credentials by using the EntraPass Go Pass mobile app for Android and Apple devices. The Go Pass app allows you to send a secure credential to your visitors instantly so they will only be able to access areas that they should.

Our rates are extremely competitive and we can quote any size project from one or two doors to large multi-tenant 1000+ door systems. We are Kantech Corporate Certified so you can be guaranteed your system will meet any requirements and be fully supported.

We also service and repair many other systems including Millennium, Hartmann Controls, Keyscan, and HID. If your system isn’t listed chances are we can still provide support, please contact us for more information.

Our unique skill set and many years of experience allow us to work effectively with your business IT and infrastructure systems to enable a connected, convenient, and extremely secure system.


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